Work Life
– 4 years consulting on technical projects using instrumentation and computer analysis
– 26 years field/office technical integration using air quality instrumentation. Skills acquired using numerous IT technologies including communications, data integration, database programming and web reporting.

Personal Life
– Grew up with computers spending time at University of Waterloo in my fathers physics lab.
– Continued as a computer hobbyist starting with 8bit computers moving quickly on to 16bit computers. Now it is 64bits and beyond with data sizes in the GigaBytes (GB). Keeping up with technology is always a challenge and can be very costly. Below is a list of my current ‘gear’.
– Enjoy working with databases and programming languages in my spare time. Current language I am learning is Rust – https://rust-lang.org .

My Gear
– DELL XPS Fedora Linux Desktop
– Apple iMac
– Apple Macbook Air 2018 (before the keyboard change)
– iPhone SE
– Apple iWatch 4
– Lenovo Ideapad Fedora Desktop
– Lenovo Chromebook
– DELL Business Sever – Fedora Linux Server
– Rasberry Pi 3 Model B – Debian Linux
**No MS Windows Products … that was my work life**