Pi-hole DNS Blocking

Its been a while since posting anything new so here it is.

Pi-hole is a Domain Name Service (DNS) sinkhole. The Open Source project at pi-hole.net is intended to improve web browsing security and overall browsing experience.

The software can be installed in a variety of ways – I decided on the Raspberry Pi method. Now my local Raspberry Pi 3 acts as a DNS cache/resolver/sinkhole/filter on my local network.

My overall browsing speed has increased and I feel that the level of security is appropriate. Of course the browser can easily get confused on what to display if a website is blocked and most of the time a simple space is added. Works with all client OS’s, Linux, OS X, IOS, … .


DNS Security

The Need For Better DNS Privacy

Every time a website gets accessed using a name, that name must be translated into a physical address using Domain Name Services (DNS). As with anything that is a ‘free’ service, there usually is a catch of some sort. The current catch is this information can be sold to see where people are going on the Internet. Depending on an individuals comfort with their personal privacy, you may want to change this. Using a DNS service that doesn’t record or sell their records and is fast can be hard to find.

The solution is Cloudflare. Follow the link and read about why they came to be and the importance of privacy for DNS. 

I run on all my my personal equipment and the performance is great. I also have the peace of mind that my information isn’t being profiled or sold on to other data mining companies.